Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Vitamin C content in camu-camu berry

The exotic camu-camu is grown in the nutrient-rich rain forests soil of Peru and other hot and damp tropical climates. The plant bears cherry-sized berries that are highly acidic, very tart, and are often sweetened to please human palette.

In the north-east region of Peru, people sometimes eat the fairly acidic camu-camu fruits fresh, but traditionally they have used them to make refreshments and liquors.
Camu-camu fruits have a higher vitamin C content, which is of particular use in treating a wide range of ailments, and they also possess important metabolites for nutrition and health. Vitamin C helps with immunity, tissue repair and healing as well as with cancer and cataract prevention.

In case anybody injured or have had a surgery , taking large quantities of vitamin C can help speed up the healing process.

The camu-camu berry is one of the world’s most potent sources of vitamin C – packing more than 60 times the amount preserving than the almighty orange.

Oranges often have around 1,000 ppm of vitamin C, while the camu-camu berry can have concentration as high as 50,000 ppm or about 2 grams of vitamin C per 100 grams of fruit.
Vitamin C content in camu-camu berry
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