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B Vitamins – Thiamin and Riboflavin

B Vitamins – Thiamin and Riboflavin
The B vitamins are water soluble. Thiamin – vitamin B1 is involved in all bodily oxidations that lead to the formation of carbon dioxide. It is necessary for nerve function, appetite, and normal digestion. It is also required for growth, fertility, and lactation. The symptoms of vitamin deficiency are retardation of growth, palpitation and enlargement of the heart, hypertension, and beriberi. The various effects of a disturbance of the nerve centers such as forgetfulness or difficulty in thinking are other manifestations of vitamin B1 deficiency. The vitamin is often lacking in the diet because much of the naturally occurring amounts of it in food are destroyed during the processing of the food. The adult requirement of vitamin B1 is related to the food (calorie) intake. Fresh pork is an excellent source of vitamin B1 and the heart, liver, and kidneys of pork, beef and lamb are fair sources.

Riboflavin – vitamin B2 is water soluble. This vitamin makes up a part of enzyme systems involved in the oxidation and reduction of different materials in the body. Deficiency of riboflavin generally results in growth retardation and may result in vision impairment, sealing of the skin, and lesions on mucous tissue. Neuritis is another deficiency effect. The minimum intake of riboflavin for an adult is about 2.0mg per day. The liver and kidney of pork, beef, and lamb are excellent sources of riboflavin, and the heart of these animals is a good source. Fair amounts of riboflavin are found in the muscular tissues of pork, beef, and lamb, while more is found in veal.
B Vitamins – Thiamin and Riboflavin

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